'Don't Shake, Install a Barsnake'

Carter & Linda Powell

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Product Reviews of the Barsnake shown in magazines during the years!

Dirt Rider
     After having a very low profile for a while, the Barsnake is back and is a best buy for most riders and simply priceless for riders who are offended or debilitated by excessive viberation.  What is a Barsnake?  It is a dense rubber rod that comes in outside diameters suitable for aluminum or steel handlebars.  Simply slide the Barsnake through the bar and it absorbs and damps much of the tingly vibration that reaches the handlebar.  The Barsnake is a great product that has totally adapted to the times and trends in handlebar fashion.  After all, bars may come and go, but vibration is never welcome!

 Rider Magazine
     Vibration isn't usually a serious problem among today's bikes, but the high frequency, hand-numbing variety appears occasionally and can be annoying.  To install the Barsnake, first you remove the handlebar grips.  The Barsnake can only be installed in tubular handlebars, and only if there are no control cables or wires running through the bars.   Next you grease one end of the handlebar, and lubricate the Barsnake with grease.  Thread the installation wire through the greased handlebar end and out to the other side.  Then thread the remainder of the wire through the hole in the end of the Barsnake, twisting at least four inches of the wire back on itself a half dozen times.  Then attach the other end of the wire to a stick and pull the Barsnake through the last few inches with another piece of wire.
     Perhaps the best test is taking the bike for a ride.  The American made Barsnake comes in three sizes for aluminum motorcross bars, standard bars or one inch (Harley-Davidson and others).

Motocross Action Magazine
     Get rid of the rattle and hum and then take a bite out of the competition with the Barsnake - designed to deaden excessive handlebar vibrations caused by high-speed, rough terrain riding.

Motorcycle Products
     Barsnake is a classic example of American innovation!  It is a simple, effective solution to a universal problem, Handlebar Viberation.  The Barsnake has the largest potential customer base of any motorcycle product ever offered.  Virtually every motorcycle made in the last 50 years would benefit from the installation of Barsnake.  Truly universal, it fits nearly every make, model and year of motorcycle.  The Barsnake creates and fills its own market place without competition.

City Bike Magazine
     Installing the Barsnake is a kind of fun job.  It is not like other mechanical tasks one does around motorcycles.  The tube fits tightly into the bar.  You grease it heavily and spray the inside of the bar with silicone or some kind of lube.  Does it work?  I rode about 60 miles today with the Barsnake installed at freeway speeds, between 4000 and 5500 rpm.  My bars felt steadier, less buzzy.  The bars on my Kawasaki are short and rigidly mounted.  Longer bars would vibrate more and would house more of the Barsnake.  One might feel a more dramatic difference and each bike would no doubt be different.  And the images in my bar mounted mirrors are suddenly more clear.  Barsnake must work!

Carter Powell is the Inventor
of the Barsnake
"Almost anything with
tubular handlebars
can benefit from the 
Barsnake's ability to
reduce bad vibes!"


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