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Always nice to receive feedback from our customers.  We thank each of them for taking the time to share their experience with Barsnake.  To provide feedback please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Hello Barsnake,
I've mounted the Barsnake into the aluminum renthal handlebars of my Honda CRF250L.  The result is just astonishing, absolutely fabulous!  No more vibration at all, what ever the RPM, low or high.  I've felt immediately the difference as soon as I put my hands on the handlebars.  My teeth don't sizzle anymore and I'm going to drive more comfortably on Morocco Rally.
Thanks and long life to Barsnake.
Best regards
Serge from France 

From Charles Mays,
My goodness this product rocks!  I appreciate everything and you were spot on.  The difference is amazing.  Here is my testimonial for others to see.  Thanks a million.
"Folks, I just installed the Barsnake in my 2006 Roadstar Warrior Custom.  First off, I have significant issues with my elbow from 20 years of being a Marine.  With those issues, the Warrior was putting my hands to sleep  in 10 to 15 minutes every ride.  It was getting to the point that I was about to get rid of my bike and get something more docile.  Now that's out of the way.  I had my son assist me in the installation of the Barsnake.  We used "DUREX, 2 in 1 Massage Play" lubricant.  After a good lubing, my son held one end and I pulled it through my 25 Degree Drag Bars like it was butter.  Super easy to install, phenomenally constructed, and the reduction in vibrations is estimated to be around 80%.  I was currently using ISO Grips and in combination with the BARSNAKE, I can ride as long as I like now.  Thanks for such a superior product and superb customer service.  You have gained a customer for life."
Charles Mays

 From Jason in Canada,

Hi, just installed your snake in my road king, absolutely love it!  Huge difference!  I wanted to order your liquid kit for my dirt bike, but you said there's a delay.  Please advise when it'll be available again.  I'm a buyer for sure.

Dear Carter and Linda,
Following my recent experience with both of you, I felt compelled to write.  The other day I received my replacement Barsnake and had to install it right away.  Naturally, the very next thing was to road test it.  All I can say is WOW!  What an immediate and dramatic difference!  I would have to guesstimate that the amount of vibration I experienced in my handlebars went down at least 70%.  Typically when I would ride my bike at least one or both of my hands would start to go numb after 20 minutes of highway speed riding.  Now the most I experience is a very slight tingle in my fingertips.  

Further, not only am I impressed with your product, there is also the matter of customer service.  When I contacted you to explain how I ordered the wrong Barsnake, your response to me was prompt and courteous.  And you immediately sent out a replacement product.  Well, that usually never happens, until now that is.  I cannot sing the praises of both you and your product more.  I have already been telling all my friends.  In short, thank you for delivering a product that not only meets the claims you make about it, but exceeds it too.  And thank you even more for being quality people with outstanding service.
Many regards,
Kirk B

Success!!!  Your last tip of having someone pull on the other end made the snake slide completely through with ease.  Just had to wait on my son to help.  Tomorrow I will get to ride the bike.  I am sure it willl greatly reduce the vibration.  Thank you for your world class and remarkable customer service!  If only everyone still did business like you and Linda.  Thanks again and take care! 
Best Regards,
Brandon W.

Linda and Carter:
Thanks in advance for a great product and great customer service on my earlier order. I installed the first one I ordered the day it came to me in the mail.
Now I wish to make another purchase of a Barsnake Model ST-1, for a spare set of motorcycle handlebars that have.
As stated, I installed the one I purchased earlier in the month on the "Vincent Style" handlebars on my Royal Enfield GT 535, and am now going to purchase a second Barsnake for the set of turn-down style bars, so they'll be ready to go when I decide to install them on my bike.


Hello Carter and Linda,The barsnake takes away about 70 % of the vibrations, not all but most of it is gone. I am happy , thank youFriendly Regards
Netherlands 4-25-22

Carter and Linda,
I have a 2023 Honda CB500X with 7/8" steel bars. ST-1
I have had good success with your product in the past!
Craig  7-23

Carter and Linda,
Omfg,  what a major difference!  My mirrors are actually usable now.  The Bar Snake has made my riding experience so much more enjoyable.  I hope you continue to make these beauties.  I told everyone at Bluegrass HD (they did the install) about the difference .  I've piqued their interest.
That being said, please get moving on the liquid version.  I have numerous friends that want to get it for their bikes after riding mine.
You are more than welcome to use my email on your site.    And I would love to be considered for the liquid version.  Thank you.
Mo Newman  7-25-23
email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Gus of Adventure Rider  (Can I say a little something about the Barsnake folks?)
So I have a 2017 Honda vfr1200x.  It's got a little vibration throughout the bike at all rpm's.  You can feel a pleasant"throb" in the bike at idle.  I put new (hard) tires on the bike and I'm just trying to smooth the NVH out as much as I can.  
I call and pick the brain of the barsnake guy, Carter Powell.  Super helpful on the phone call and really let me pick his brain.  I wait about a month to order and this handlebar is aluminum so I order the AL2 aluminum model.  The I.D. of my bar is like .680 so it's a little bigger than most aluminum bars anyway long story short!  I returned it and they sped out the steel bar version which is. 720 OD.  I could not get the snake in there by any means and in the process the snake got damaged.  Carter and his wife Linda quickly gave me a refund.  They could have told me to pack sand "you didn't do it right".  In today's world that's kind of what you would expect.  No, not with these folks.  Solid stand up folks.  Very refreshing doing business with someone who knows what he's doing AND has the customer service us old timers remember.  I highly recommend their product if you are having buzz issues.  I've seen a barsnake before and after long ago and for sure it works.  This bikes bar is just a weird one.  The buzz isn't "that" bad that I can't stand it.  I ended up doing some BB's and progrip 714's and it's liveable now.  Thanks Carter and Linda!
Thanks so much for everything.  I'll be ordering another in future.  Take care.
Gus - Adventure Rider 2-15-24


Carter Powell is the Inventor
of the Barsnake
"Almost anything with
tubular handlebars
can benefit from the 
Barsnake's ability to
reduce bad vibes!"


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