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Question:  Can I use the solid HD-3 Barsnake in my Harley?
Answer:  The problem with the Harley handlebars is that about 1984 they started indenting (dimples) the bottom of the bar underneath the switch housings for the wire loom to exit the switch housing.  This makes it very difficult to use the HD-3  solid Barsnake unles you have drag bars or bars that are nearly flat.  It can be done but the Barsnake should be warmed up by laying it in the sun or hot water first.  

Question:  Can I use the Barsnake in my bars if I have end weights, bar end mirrors, or hand guards?
Answer:  You sure can!  Just install the solid Barsnake as you would normally.  You will have some extra hanging out both ends of the handlebar.  Now measure how deep your end weights, morrors, etc, fit into the open ends of your handlebar.  Take this measurement (2" for example" and stretch the Barsnake out one end of the handlebar with this distance plus and extra 3/4".  The Barsnake being an interference fit will not move whe you pull it to stretch it out to measure.  What ever your depth, just add 3/4" extra to that measurement and cut the Barsnake off at that point.  The Barsnake will suck itself back into the handlebar and you will have room to install your end parts.  Now do the same on the other end of the handlebar.  

Question: Can a Barsnake be installed on two-piece handlebars?  (Examples: Honda CBR400, Aprilia RS125, etc)
Answer:  If the tube segment is open on both ends, you can pull a Barsnake through one tube until you have a length of it out the other end, then take the other tube and pull the remaining Barsnake through that tube as well.

If the tube segments are closed on one end, cut the Barsnake into 1" pieces and push each segment into the tube segments with a blunt object until there is just enough room left for the handlebar weights to fit in the end.

With a two-piece handlebar, you won't have as much dampening effect as in a single tube, but the dampening effect would be noticeable.


Carter Powell is the Inventor
of the Barsnake
"Almost anything with
tubular handlebars
can benefit from the 
Barsnake's ability to
reduce bad vibes!"


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