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BarsnakeProductDisplay2 72dThe Barsnake is an innovative American-made device designed to reduce the hand-numbing handlebar vibrations of motorcycles, street-bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, Personal Watercraft such as jet skies, snowmobiles or virtually anything with tubular handlebars.

The Barsnake is a precisely gauged cylinder composed of a high-tech polymer which when properly installed inside tubular handlebars, dampens many high frequency vibrations that cause numbing, painful and even dangerous hand and wrist trauma.

For those who remember the Barsnake and have been dreaming "if only I could find Barsnake somewhere....." the dream is now a reality.  For those who never knew us before, you will wonder how you rode without a Barsnake installed.

The Barsnake is a simple, innovative invention that really works.  One might wonder how something so simple can work so well.  Tubular metallic shapes have a natural tendency to conduct and amplify vibration.  This principle has been used for millinea to make bells, horns and other musical instruments.  Thus, like a bell, the tubular shapes of handlebars transmit and amplify the vibrations from the motor and road to the rider's hands resulting in a painful hand and wrist stress which can inflame carpal tunnel syndrome.

In order to visualize how the Barsnake works, consider a small hard rubber ball of the type many children play with.  When the toy ball is dropped, it bounces high.  This is because the polymer the toy ball is made of REFLECTS vibration, so when it lands, it reflects back almost all of it's falling energy.  By a similar physical process, the metal of a handlebar reflects and passes on vibrational energy to the rider's hands and wrists.  The polymer of the Barsnake, by contrast, ABSORBS vibration.  A Barsnake inside a handlebar likewise soaks vibrational energy before it gets to the end of the handlebar.

The Barsnake is easy to install and comes with easy-to-follow detailed instructions and installation tool.  Listed below are the three versions of the Barsnake currently available.

Fits most standard steel non high rise bars of 7/8" outside diameter.  Most steel bars should be about 23/32" inside diameter and 40" long.

Fits most 1" external diameter handlebars (Harley) with 7/8" internal handlebar diameter.  Excluding ape-hangers/buckhorn/multi-curved bars, etc, and up to 40" long.  Special note to Harley owners:  Check thoroughly for dimples and other obstructions that may be in your handlebars before purchasing.

Fits most aluminum crossbrace handlebars with 7/8" outside diameter, internal diameter of 9/16" and 40" long.


Carter Powell is the Inventor
of the Barsnake
"Almost anything with
tubular handlebars
can benefit from the 
Barsnake's ability to
reduce bad vibes!"


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