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September 28, 2007

Dear Carter and Linda,

Following my recent experiences with both of you, I felt compelled to write.The other day, I received my replacement Barsnake and had to install it right away.Naturally, the very next thing was to road test it.All I can say is WOW Ė what an immediate and dramatic difference!I would have to guesstimate that the amount of vibration I experienced in my handlebars went down by at least 70%.Typically when I would ride my bike, at least one or both of my hands would start to go numb after 20 minutes of highway-speed riding.Now, the most I experience is a very slight tingle in my fingertips.Itís a shame that the riding season here in the mid-Atlantic will be coming to an end in the near future.

Further, not only am I thoroughly impressed with your product, thereís also the matter of customer service.When I contacted you to explain how I ordered the wrong Barsnake, your response to me was prompt and courteous.And to immediately send out a replacement product Ė well, that never happens.Until now, that is.I cannot sing the praises of both you and your product more.If you should ever decide to offer the Barsnake T-shirts, sign me up for one.I would have no problem advertising for you.Iíve already been telling all of my friends!

In short, thank you for delivering a product that not only meets the claims you make about it, but exceeds it, too.And thank you even more for being quality people with outstanding service.


Many Regards,


Kirk B.