The World's Finest Handlebar Vibration Control System!

All New Barsnake Compound!

The world-famous ‘Barsnake’ has an all-new slightly softer formulation that makes installation even easier! It even works on flatter bend Harley bars with dimples!

LV-4 & LV-5 are temporarily Out of Stock.

Due to the economy we have had to make some temporary changes. We will be using Pay Pal for all payments. Please call or e mail us as to what Barsnake you need or any questions as to a recommendation of which model. We will then let you know the total cost along with shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Barsnake Snake Spit®

Special Offer:
Any Snakespit ordered with a Barsnake will receive free shipping on the Snakespit!


Special note to Online Customers:

     To best serve our customers, we recommend that you inspect your handlebars prior to ordering a Bar Snake. If your handlebar has plugs or other obstructions (i.e. dimples inside Harley Davidson bars) you will not be able to insert a Bar Snake without first removing them. If they are not removable, you will need to use the Liquid Barsnake. Follow these simple steps to avoid unnecessary returns and restocking fees.

     If you have any questions prior to ordering, please email us at or call our toll free number listed on our “Contact Us” page                                                                                       

The Barsnake is a high-tech polymer device which deadens tiring and dangerous handle bar vibrations of street and cross-country motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis, or almost anything with tubular handlebars allowing you to ride longer, faster...




The Bar Snake Reduces:

  • Handle Bar Vibration
  • Arm Fatigue
  • Sloppy Riding
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Rest time needed between rides
  • Lever and perch wear


The Bar Snake Increases:

  • Fun
  • Length of riding time
  • Safety
  • Rider control
  • Your ability to hold on
  • Your chances of WINNING that long race
  • Your chances of climbing that BIG HILL!



Carter Powell Jumps


Carter Powell, Inventor of the Barsnake and
CEO of Barsnake Products (on Bike above) says:

"Almost anything with tubular handlebars
can benefit from the Bar Snake's ability
to reduce bad vibes!"


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