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These are some frequently asked questions about the Bar Snake. This is a document in development and new questions are answered all the time.

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Question:   Can I install the liquid barsnake without removing the handlebar from the bike?

Answer:      Yes, but there are certain things you must do to insure a proper installation. 

#1  Place the bike on its sidestand and turn the handlebar all the way to the left so the right side of the handlebar is pointing up as much as possible.

#2  If your left grip has no hole in the end then just leave it in place to act as a barrier to keep the liquid barsnake from running out when poured into the handlebar.  You can also remove the left grip and cover the end with masking tape securely to also act as a barrier.  If you have an end weight on the left grip just leave it in place and make sure that it is air tight.  This will also act as a barrier.

#3  Now make sure that any and all holes in the handlebar are covered with masking tape.  If there are any open holes in the handlebar the liquid barsnake will seep out when poured.  Sometimes  there are small holes under the switch housings for guide pins to keep the housing from rotating.  Make sure that these are covered if found!  If you have internal wiring that exits near the center of the handlebar you might want to use some clear silicone  to smear around the opening and let it dry first before pouring the liquid barsnake.  Remember, all holes must be covered!

#4  Remove the throttle housing assembly from the handlebar and let it hang down out of the way.  You might want to cover the fuel tank with a large blanket for protection.

#6  Now make a small paper funnel and affix it to the right side of the handlebar in a vertical position. Make sure the funnel is very solid and won't tip over when the liquid snake is poured into it. We have found that it is easier to wrap the funnel around the OUTSIDE of the handlebar.  Any extra liquid barsnake can easily be removed from the outside of the handlebar.  It pours much easier this way.

#7  Now mix the liquid barsnake as per the instructions and slowly pour the snake into the funnel.  Don't pour too fast as it will cause air pockets that will need time to bubble out!  If there is extra liquid barsnake in the funnel after the handlebar is full just leave it alone until fully cured and becomes solid.  Now remove the funnel and cut the extra barsnake off from the end of the handlebar.  If you have an end weight to go back on this end of the handlebar take a small knife and slowly cut the barsnake out from the end of the bar.  It cuts very easily when cured. This will give you the room to reinstall the end weight. 

#8  Reinstall your throttle assembly and go ride!  


Question: What is this new product that you are coming out with called the De-Rattlerz?


Answer: The De-Rattlerz is a very special kind of bar end weight.  It was never intended to replace the Barsnake, just supplement it in cases where the Barsnake is not quite as effective.  The Barsnake was designed for a tubular type handlebar, but people seem to put them in all types of handlebars, even clip on types.  The Barsnake is most effective when there is a lot of it, the longer the bar, the better it works.  In shorter bars, like clip on types, it needs more help! 

Enter the De-Rattlerz.  This is an internal / external weight that floats in two different rubber bushings.  The internal weight has a threaded portion on the end where another weight (Bar end weight) screws onto the internal weight.  This external end weight must not touch the end of the handlebar.  It is designed to move inside the end of the handlebar.  Weights that don’t move can help only at certain frequencies.  The De-Rattlerz will actually rebound on the inside of the bar to counter act the vibration.  If you have internal wiring, very short bars, or clip on type the De-Rattlerz is just the ticket.  If you want the best of both worlds put the LV-4 in between the De-Rattlerz.  This is about as close to turning off the motor and coasting, as you will ever get for ridding your bars of all vibration. Take The Bite Out Of Bars with De-Rattlerz!

Question: Can I use the solid HD-3 Barsnake in my Harley? 

Answer: The problem with Harley handlebars is that about 1984 they started indenting (dimples) the bottom of the bar underneath the switch housings for the wire loom to exit the switch housing.  This makes it very difficult to use the HD-3 solid Snake unless you have drag bars or bars that are nearly flat.  It can be done but the Snake should be warmed up buy laying it in the sun or hot water first.  If you have any doubt, get the LV-5 Liquid Barsnake; it was designed for this situation.

Question: Can I use the Barsnake in my bars if I have end weights, bar end mirrors, or hand guards?  

Answer: You sure can!  Just install the solid Barsnake as you would normally.  You will have some extra hanging out both ends of the handlebar.  Now measure how deep your end weights, mirrors, etc, fit into the open ends of your handlebar. Take this measurement ( 2” for example ) and stretch the Barsnake out one end of the handlebar with this distance plus and extra ¾’. The Barsnake being an interference fit will not move when you pull it to stretch it out to measure. What ever your depth, just ad ¾” extra to that measurement and cut the Barsnake off at that point.  The Barsnake will suck itself back into the handlebar and you will have room to install your end parts.  Now do the same on the other end of the handlebar.  For the liquid Barsnake, just leave one end with the part installed  in the end of the handlebar.  If it is not rubber sealed, wipe some silicone seal or masking tape around and areas that may allow the liquid Barsnake to leak out.  Now just stand the handlebar on its end and pour the Snake into the open end of the handlebar until you reach the proper depth to leave room to reinstall the other end piece.


Question: Can a Bar Snake be installed on two-piece handlebars? (Examples: Honda CBR400, Aprilia RS125, etc)

Answer: If the tube segment is open on both ends, you can pull a bar snake through one tube until you've got a length of it out the other end, then take the other tube and pull the remaining Bar Snake through that tube as well.

If the tube segments are closed on one end, cut the Bar Snake into 1-inch pieces and push each segment into the tube segments with a blunt object until there's just enough room left for the handlebar weights to fit in the end.

With a two-piece handlebar, you won't have as much dampening effect as in a single tube, but the dampening effect would be noticeable.

Question: Will a Bar Snake increase the weight of the handlebar? Will this affect the steering of the bike?

Answer: The weight of a Bar Snake is about 1.5 pounds (.7 kilogram), depending on which model size you choose. In an ultra-high performance situation, this may make a slight difference in steering, although the vibration dampening effects may more than compensate.

Question: I have a sportster. with mini ape hanger ( about 8" rise 32 wide). Will a bar Snake work?

Answer: A standard Bar Snake model HD-3 should fit in your bars because the rise is not too tall. It may help to have someone help you pull on the other end to stretch it while pulling it through the bars.

Question: What is the Liquid Bar Snake, and when can I get it?

Answer: The Liquid Bar Snake is intended for use in multi-curved handlebars, such as "buckhorn" or "ape-hangers", handlebars with wires or cables inside, or simply for an easier-to-install product than a solid bar snake.

Question: How does using a Bar Snake compare to filling the bars with silicone?

Answer: Using silicone a squeeze tube will help a small amount at certain RPMs but will make it worse at others because silicone has no damping properties except for its weight and mass. Think of the vibration-dampening as being like a pound of steel compared to a pound of wood. They both have the same mass and weight, but the wood dampens the vibrations much more. So too would the Bar Snake material dampening much more than silicon.

Question: How can I get a Bar Snake?

Answer: You can order a Bar Snake by doing one of the following:

Question: Suppose I've got a question not answered in the Bar Snake FAQ?

Answer: If you have any further questions, send e-mail to:

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