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Liquid Barsnake Instructions - Standard Barsnake Instructions

Liquid Barsnake Installation Instructions

**NOTE**: Ambient temperature must be above 65 degrees farenheit!

1. Read entire installation instructions before attempting to install your BARSNAKE.

2. Observe all safe working practices while installing your BARSNAKE.

3. Remove both handle bar grips.

4. Remove Handlebars.

5. Securely cover the opening at one end of the handle bars, (and all clip holes, screw holes etc.) with masking tape. (Don't use Duct tape, or friction tape.)

6. Remove the center divider from the Liquid BARSNAKE container.

7. Work both components of Liquid BARSNAKE together, until the mixture is an even gray color. Safe working time before hardening is one (1) hour.

8. Cut off one (1) corner of the Liquid BARSNAKE container, slowly pour contents into the open end of the handle bars, until completely filled. Keep the handlebars straight up on end.

9. Stand handle bars vertically, until the Liquid BARSNAKE is fully cured. Curing time is twenty-four (24) hours.

10. After the Liquid BARSNAKE is fully cured, remove all tape and open any necessary holes by using a small drill-bit held by hand.

12. Reinstall the handlebars, all controls and accessories. 12. Reinstall grips securely to handle bars.

13. Test ride and experience the benefits of the Liquid BARSNAKE!

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