Bar Snake

Liquid Barsnake Instructions - Standard Barsnake Instructions

Standard Barsnake Installation Instructions:

**NOTE** Installation tip for SOLID BARSNAKES:

If the handlebars appear to be smaller than normal on the inside diameter, or handlebars appear to have sharper than normal bends you may wish to pre-heat the Barsnake in hot water to allow easier installation!

- Carter Powell

C.E.O. CP Products

1. Read entire installation instructions before attempting to install your BARSNAKE.

2. Observe all safe working practices while installing your BARSNAKE.

3. Remove both handle bar grips.

4. Attach the pull wire (Installation Tool) through the nylon bushing of the BAR SNAKE. Approximately four inches of the wire should extend through the bushing and be securely attached by twisting the loose end around the wire four to six times.

5. Generously Lubricate the inside end of the handlebars you will be pulling the Bar Snake through. (Note: We at CP Products have found that regular dish soap works best because it evaporates unlike grease or other types of lubrication.)

6. Lubricate the entire length of the BAR SNAKE.

7. Insert the pull wire into and all the way through the handlebars.

8. Attach the free end of the pull wire to a screwdriver or other similar object as to form a pulling handle.

9. Pull the Bar Snake into and through the handlebars leaving excess sticking out both ends of the handlebars.

10. Cut off excess length of BARSNAKE from each end of the handlebars.

11. Reinstall grips securely to handle bars.

12. Test ride and experience the benefits of your new BARSNAKE!

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